Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dems sweep election

There was indeed an Obama coat tail effect with today's pumpkin chunking. Democrats won and so did Republican who are former Democrats, as in the case of Jane Hughes Redding. And it appears that voters feel they have more power on the local races. As we're seeing in national news, races were tight and a lot of voters came out, but the majority opted to stay the course. For the first time, we didn't have an pumpkins sailing to the far right or left. They all opted to ride the fence, staying in the middle of the road, perhaps to capture the Independents, youth and Latinos. Whatever the reason, here are the results in feet:

Obama 182 feet
Romney 146 
Biden 194
Ryan 220 - signaling this man may have a political future

NC Gov
McCrory 251.5
Dalton 256

NC Lt. Gov.
Forest 152
Coleman 268

US House
Ellmers 224
Wilkins 297

NC House 
McNeill 202
Parker 251

NC Supreme Court
Ervin 276
Newby 294 

Wilkins 201
Redding 219

Did Big Bird fly? Yes, for a short distance. Just like a NASA rocket, he separated from his missile and flew a distance on his own.

Will sequestration have a huge impact on America? According to the cushaw squash which was tossed, no, there won't be much impact.
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Here, students from Concord High School practice with an 8-pound ball. It can be hurled 3/4 of the length of a foodball field. How will will Obama's head go? It will be 3-4 pounds. (Photo courtesy James Nix/Independent Tribune)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raising Our Voices on Nov. 1

Wouldn't it be great if a voice like Kate Smith's could lead us in song ....

Monday, October 29, 2012

Older pumpkins splatter; greener heads roll

The pumpkins are getting a little ripe, so they may splatter pretty easily. Well, some of the folks who have been politcking around for years tend to get that way sometimes.

We have some newer pumpkins. Well, they're just a little fresher. We anticipate those heads will roll.

Our event is a pretty good place to share some one liners ... like the electyl disfunction that the John Edwards pumpkin head had in 2004 when it misfired and pounded the ground only 10 feet away from the trebuchet. Who knows? That may happen again! Whose head will it be?

Here's a recent story from The Courier-Tribune about this event.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whose heads are we catapulting?

Here is the slate of 18 pumpkin heads we'll be hurling ... and the pumpkins are getting a little ripe so we anticipate they'll give a great smash! They'll fly a good distance - more than 100 feet. Then again, in 2004, the John Edwards pumpkin misfired and plopped 10 feet away. True story.

President and Vice-President - you have to have 2 pumpkins for each ticket for the photo op:
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Mitt Romney
Paul Ryan

North Carolina Governor
Walter Dalton
Pat McCrory

North Carolina Lt. Governor
Linda Coleman
Dan Forest

US House of Representatives District 2
Steve Wilkins
Renee Ellmers

US House of Representatives District 8
Larry Kissell
Richard Hudson

North Carolina House of Representatives District 78
Gerald Parker
Allen McNeill

North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice
Sam Ervin IV
Paul Newby

North Carolina District Court Judge District 19B
Jane Redding
Rob Wilkins

Big Bird - will he fly on his own or continue to need public support?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

You're Invited

Are you fed up with the election already? Are you tired of all the ads? The shows? The commentators? Well, bring your chair to Cox's Harley-Davidson on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 1 p.m. Take a late lunch and bring it with you. Oh, bring your camera too! We would like as many pictures as possible and you can feel free to post them on our Facebook page! You'll have a very entertaining afternoon which will give you all kinds of comments at the watercooler and over dinner!

The Selection Process

Each of the pumpkins is carefully chosen. They go through a rigorous testing phase to make sure they are the same size, weight and in sturdy shape to withstand the campaign battle. The goal of this event is to make sure that all of the pumpkins and their efforts to win are fair and balanced.